About Us

Ride into town with a clean car!

There is no better car wash in Deming, NM, just over the border from Mexico. We are proud to be the only car wash for miles. Located right off Junction 26 of I-10, just a couple of miles from I-25, we provide an easy shortcut from I-25 to I-10.

In keeping with the latest technology, we constantly offer new products and top market items in order to provide you with the best possible wash quality in the region at a fair price. You can always depend on us!

The main goal of Wash Land Car Wash is not only to clean your car but also to keep it in good condition. With our Unlimited Wash Club, you will be able to keep your car clean all month long!

  • Advanced Wash Tech
  • Convenient Location
  • Quick and Easy Access
  • Fast, Reliable Service

Our Core Values






Environmentally Friendly

It is important to us to protect the environment and therefore we use water reclaim restoration systems, and noise control systems.

Self-Service Wash Bays

Wash Land also has 4 self-service, manual wash bays! Trucks, RVs, vans, etc. can be washed using coins or credit cards.

Ultra Modern Systems

Wash Land Car Wash features an advanced express wash tunnel and superior car wash chemistry and products from trusted brands.